Going through a divorce or breakup? Ready to heal your dating patterns?



My mission is to help people create great relationships, primarily with themselves, then with their significant others. 

I specialize in making relationships better and in working with women who are struggling with dating patterns, or going through a divorce or breakup. Most importantly, I work with people who are ready to reach their next level, whatever that looks like. 

The core of my work lies in meditation, mindset shifts and manifestation techniques.


This is the secret to life:

Find balance in everything you do;

And believe in yourself and your ability to create.

You are the superstar of this movie,

The lead role, not the supporting actor,

You are the screenwriter and the director,

So choose your own adventures and outcomes wisely,

The plot and the twist and the supporting actors are all in your hands.

You are the creator of your own story.


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