The circumstances of your life often seem to keep you stuck. But it’s not the circumstances. 
It’s actually you. Me.
We have a choice in what we think, believe, allow, entertain. And so we create the world around us accordingly. Which people do WE allow in, which habits OF OURS do we tolerate, that don’t serve us?

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What is Blossom?

Blossom” is a small, intimate community

of like-minded women, where it’s safe to be yourself.

A non-judgmental container for you to grow and connect freely.

“Blossom” is about bringing awareness to all parts of you, about powerfully creating your life in a safe, intimate, non-judgmental space. About learning how to live from inside out, rather than the other way around, which is what most of us have been
taught in childhood. 

It’s about un-learning ways of being that come from fear and disconnect and honoring choices that come from love and connection.
It’s a permission to be unapologetically YOU.
About being seen, held, understood, accepted.
A nourishing space to help you learn and integrate new concepts in community, so that you feel supported, powerfully designing the next chapter of your life.


Whatever you’re dealing with, the world reflects back to you.

In a group where everyone is looking to explore themselves, this gets magnified.

You get yourself reflected back from the group.

It’s a very potent way of upgrading our thinking, so that we can live life more fully, more bravely, in tune with who we truly are.

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Who is it for?

It’s created for you, a strong, independent woman
who desires more out of life.

- You’re concerned that you’re not “getting it right”.
- You know what you want, but you don’t know how to claim it.
- You fear that you won’t have the courage or stamina to pursue what you want.
- You fear ending up alone and  resentful, or settling for less than what you want.

You feel lonely. Unseen. Unheard. Unimportant. Not chosen.
Maybe you’re going through a divorce. Or yet another unfulfilling relationship.

Or always dating the “wrong” partners.

Or overlooked at work, not acknowledged for your contributions.

Or maybe you are grieving.

You are aware of your strengths, but can’t seem to recognize yourself lately.
You know you want more and you’re meant for more, but you keep attracting the same.
The same partner (or lack thereof), the same behaviors, the same situations.
You keep not choosing yourself and breaking your own boundaries.

And it feels like a vicious cycle.
A pattern that keeps repeating that leaves you unfulfilled and lonely,
and you’re ready to break it


You are ready for a change.
You’re ready to start prioritizing yourself.
You’re excited to be seen, held and supported in a safe, small community
of brilliant women.


What can you expect?

Tools. Community. Support.
Blowing the lid off in ways you’ve never

even imagined before.
Inner work.
Identity shifting.
Energetic transformations.
New thinking, revisiting old beliefs.
Interrupting patterns, so that you can
create new ones.

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The logistics

It’s a 6-week program for women who are ready to choose themselves, with weekly live Zoom classes and ongoing support to keep you connected to the right sources while you’re recreating yourself.

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If you are on the fence, I get it. If you’re not clear on your goals or don’t think that you have the time

to prioritize yourself, don’t worry about that, we’ll get to that place together.

I know that it can feel weird to invest in yourself, especially

when you’ve never done it before.

I’m happy to hold you through this.

My coaching starts now.

It already started.

I’m getting you out of your comfort zone and helping you see in what ways

you have been keeping yourself small and safe.


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