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Blossom is my signature program where you get my live coaching + group support, with a price tag that's much lower than my 1:1 sessions.

We have a choice in how we think, what we believe, allow, entertain.

And so we create the world around us accordingly.

Which people do YOU allow in,

which habits do you tolerate, that don’t serve you?

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Blossom: About Me


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Blossom Testimonials

What Blossom Graduates Are Saying

Blossom: Testimonials

The Blossom course with Ana was a true dive to your own deep waters. I have always
worked with self development but something about the way Ana structure the different
aspects of one's life's experiences and beliefs made everything more clear for me.
She carefully managed to make me and everyone else feel comfortable with very personal details and created a safe and open space for everyone to enrich and learn from each other. I would do it again actually! It is very deep work that truly is eye and soul opening.

Sofia Corradini

Are You Ready For a Change?

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Who is Blossom for?

Blossom is for the strong, independent woman who has a great life, but struggles with unhealthy relationship patterns.

You may be concerned that you are not “getting it right”.

You feel lost and disconnected from yourself.
You fear that you don't have the courage or stamina to pursue the kind of relationship you want.
You fear ending up alone and  resentful, or settling for less than what you deserve.

You feel lonely. Unseen. Unheard. Unimportant. Not chosen.
Maybe you’re going through a divorce. Or yet another breakup.

Or always dating the “wrong” partners.

Or maybe you are grieving the loss of a relationship.

You know you want more and you’re meant for more, but you keep attracting the same.
The same partner (or lack thereof), the same behaviors, the same situations.
You keep not choosing yourself and breaking your own boundaries.

And it feels like a vicious cycle.
A pattern that keeps repeating that leaves you unfulfilled and lonely.

Are you ready to break the pattern?

Blossom: About


Tools. Community. Support.

Blowing the lid off in ways you’ve never even imagined before.

Inner work.

Identity shifting.

Energetic transformations.

New thinking, revisiting old beliefs.

Interrupting patterns, so that you can create new ones.

Blossom: About Me

Are you ready for a change?

Do you want to attract partners who are better matches? 
Are you ready to start prioritizing yourself in relationships?
Do you long to be seen, held and supported?

Blossom: About

The logistics

- Course currently in progress

- Next start date: TBA

The registration for Blossom is now closed. You can sign up for the wait list by emailing me. When I announce the next round, you will have an opportunity to sign up at the special pre-sale price which is always deeply discounted in comparison to regular pricing.

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