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The “3 magical texts that will make him miss you like crazy” are a scam.

There is no “secret formula” to getting someone to love you.

If a person wants you, they want you for who you are. If they miss you, you will know. You won’t have to come up with some complicated, fake scenarios to trick them to get in touch with you.

Don’t listen to this horrible advice. At best, you will make a connection that won’t last. At worst, you will start believing that you have to fake who you are to be liked or loved. It will only lower your self esteem. Don’t fall for it.

Learn to love yourself and stop being an easy mark for people who are trying to sell you “scripts for messages proven to work”.

Nothing feels better than loving yourself. Being there for yourself. Choosing yourself. Being your own best friend. Counting on yourself to do what’s in your highest good. When you start doing this, you build confidence in your worth. Eventually, you will become “unmessable with”. Nothing and nobody will be able to make you lose your balance and doubt your worth.

When you love yourself, it becomes easy to make decisions that are in your best interest. Like learning to understand what you really want. Or leaving the person that doesn’t treat you right and doesn’t deserve your love. Or finding the strength to block them or ignore them like they never existed.

When you love yourself, you stop tolerating shitty behavior. You ask for better and either get it or easily walk away. You have no interest in continuing a situationship that doesn’t work for you. No more tolerating someone who only sees you only once in a while when it's convenient to them. You don’t wait for the person who’s still married or in a relationship but SWEARS they will end it soon.

Being alone can be scary. Especially for those of us who have deep core wounds and struggle in this area. But walking away from a sh*t situation is the ULTIMATE form of self love. When you decide once and for all to never see them again, you become invincible.

I want you all to become invincible. To take all of that energy that you've been giving to someone else and give it to YOURSELF.

Get your routine yearly checkups. Clean your teeth. Start working out. Reconnect with old friends that make you feel good. Make new friends! Buy yourself that expensive coat you’ve been wanting forever, or that book, or perfume, or treat yourself to a pedicure. Get a cleaning lady. Take yourself out to dinner. Take singing lessons. Take Zumba classes. Start volunteering. Book a beach vacation. Can't afford a trip? Ditch a bad habit that costs you money and start saving. Start a new career. Go back to school. Move to a new town. Get a coach. Join a group.

I know it isn't that easy, but if you truly decide to love yourself (and you follow me, so I know that the intent is there) I PROMISE you, your life will change in ways you can't even begin to imagine.

Ditch that loser who doesn't deserve to touch the ground you walk on. Then do what you've really been wanting to do instead of researching what are the “3 texts that will make him miss you like crazy”.

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