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Believe. Dream. Execute.

My month in Brazil is almost up. But I love it here so much that I decided to stay another month. I’m not on vacation, I just moved my life here temporarily because one of my best friends lives here and Brazil is one of the countries that hasn’t banned travel during Covid. I have only been to the beach a handful of times, mostly on the weekends. I spend the majority of my weekdays in a similar manner. When I wake up, I do my morning routine which consists of meditating, yoga, visualizing, writing and reading, then I work. In the evening, I socialize and sometimes explore Rio. Of course, there are negatives about being here that I rarely mention, like a dental emergency, an unknown allergy that I can’t really figure out, mosquito bites all over my body and my own internal demons. This is not a vacation, it’s just life in a nicer environment. And I love it. I’m exploring what it looks like to be able to work from anywhere, practicing my discipline, developing new friendships, deepening old ones, learning Portuguese, exploring Rio de Janeiro, visiting some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, living in tank tops and flip flops while there are several snow storms raging across the US.

Now, I was born and brought up in Serbia, torn by civil war and all the ails that come with it. As a girl of say 12-13 years, I couldn’t even imagine leading a life like this. Doing what I love, making a difference for others. Making the money that I make, living in the apartment in Brooklyn that I live in, having friends all over the world that I regularly visit, spending the winters in tropical places. And even when I was moving to the US, I could only achieve the things that I could imagine. But little by little, I started to expand my imagination and dream bigger. And the more I believed and dared to imagine, the bigger my life became. Especially after my divorce. It took a bit to get myself back together - and the immediate time after the divorce seemed like a setback - but today I have nothing but gratitude for the way everything unfolded and my life is so much more satisfying than it used to be.

And I didn’t get to this place by accident. I got here because I got curious about my mind and the life that I can create, versus the life that’s been handed to me. Then I put in the work to reprogram myself to believe that I can. And I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying it to show you that you can do it too. If you start believing in your dreams and taking (even the tiniest) consistent steps to get you closer to them, you will ASTONISH yourself with the results that you can accomplish. Anyone can transform their life into a work of art of their choosing. In fact, that’s exactly what we’re doing all the time. But if we don’t take the time to reprogram out beliefs, we keep creating paintings that aren’t what we want and that are often a projection of our deepest fears instead. We create our world no matter what. And it serves us to do it in the direction of our dreams, not our fears. As Bob Proctor says, “When you believe in your capabilities and put in the work, you can do much more and a lot better than you think”. I hope that this inspires you to start moving your life into the direction of your dreams. Reach out if you need help with creating your dream life and learning how to live it!

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