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How I Made $250K in NYC Real Estate in 1 Year as an Immigrant

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Hint: it’s not because I worked harder. I worked A LOT harder while I was surviving on 7 different part time jobs in the previous years.

It was when I got tired of working harder and started doing mindset work that I understood that life is a game of energy and frequency. And the way I was vibrating before was that I believed that life was a struggle and that it was hard to be successful and wealthy. I was constantly afraid - of making the wrong decision, of money running out, of disappointing other people.

Among real estate agents in New York City, the turnover rate is really high. When we get licensed, it’s for 2 years. The number of agents who make it to year 3 is ridiculously low - only 10%. The difference between the one agent who makes it and the nine who don’t is nothing but mindset. The overarching sentiment among agents is that “all buyers are liars” and that it’s a cut-throat business where you have to be dishonest and work 24/7 in order to succeed.

But I never saw it that way. For me, real estate was a way to make unlimited amounts of money (because my income was based on the percentage of the deals that I did). I also loved it because there was no boss, no one to tell me when to come and go, but there were managers who would support me and teach me. A lot of freedom and barely any of the corporate culture that I always despised in the working world of America.

I made a quarter million dollars in one year because I chose to see the abundance and freedom and opportunity instead of lack. I was grateful and excited and that gave me the motivation to find the best deals for my clients and to work smarter, so they would both return to me for all of their real estate needs AND recommend me to their friends and family.

The funny thing is, it’s never really about the money. But the money helps, because it shows you what you’re really about. The money takes care of your immediate needs, which frees you up to look deeper into yourself and discover what really matters. Once I accomplished my monetary goals, I started to understand that inner peace and a sense of a higher purpose were far more important.

Don’t get me wrong, the money definitely helps and I still appreciate everything that it provides. But I would never again choose a career solely based on the income that it would provide me. I believe that the money follows if you do something that you’re passionate about.

Instead of selling apartments, today I help people overcome doubts and fears and learn to trust their own greatness. I lead by example. I teach that it’s ok to risk it all, to fall, that it’s possible to get back up, to keep building, to change directions. That it’s often necessary to do something radical in order to live to your full potential.

Are you living to your full potential?

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