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How to tell if someone is into you

  • they reach out to you first - text, call, initiate conversations

  • they ask you out on dates

  • they don’t leave you wondering

  • they don’t send you mixed signals

  • you don’t feel confused about their words and actions

If someone doesn’t do these things, they’re simply not the right person for you. And that’s perfectly OK. They’re not a bad guy, you don’t have to prove anything to “make” them like you. You will meet and like people who won’t like you back like that. They may not be your soulmate, but they can be excellent teachers and they can help you grow.

Show the universe that you are not willing to settle for breadcrumbs and direct your energy somewhere else. Become clear on what you want from a partner and kindly say no to anything that falls short of your needs. You deserve someone who wants to see you, who wants to make an effort and will be happy to make you happy. You don’t want to be with someone that you have to convince of being with you.

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