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See the Invisible, Believe in the Incredible

This October, I moved into my beautiful apartment that I’m head over heels in love with. When I saw the building for the first time, I knew that this is where I wanted to live.

Living here is a huge milestone for me, because a) I have never lived alone in my whole life before, b) I have never lived in such a beautiful apartment and c) since I got divorced and moved back to New York from Florida in March 2019, I haven’t had a permanent home. I lived in three different apartments, one with a crazy lady (a staple in every true New Yorker’s life) and two with dear friends. I stored my furniture in two different places, some boxes I haven’t even unpacked since Florida. I had forgotten what I own. I lost random things in the moves, I forgot that I left them places or gave them away. I have inexplicably lost my external phone battery and some random clothing items. But I have also serendipitously found or been gifted items along the way when I most needed them. And I guess that’s the point, to trust that what you need will come your way when you most need it, from sources expected or unexpected. To have faith in the journey ahead of you, not getting overly attached to the things that you posses, because they will eventually disappear, as everything does.

One of my favorite things about living here is how sun floods every room most days. There’s huge windows in all three rooms and they all face south. I have a beautiful collection of potted plants and I’m learning to garden.

The other favorite thing of mine is that the building gym has floor to ceiling windows and the treadmills overlook the green garden. When I was debating whether I should take on this place, so much more expensive than anywhere I’ve ever lived before, I kept playing a movie in my head, of myself running here in the morning, looking out at the garden.

Visualizing something happening before it actually happens helps our brain come up with ways to achieve it. Something that occurs as impossible (a seemingly too expensive apartment) can quickly become attainable and then life will arrange itself in such a way that it can bear it (like signing up two new clients almost immediately). But you have to have a) faith, b) commitment and c) persistance. Bob Proctor says that faith is “seeing the invisible and believing in the incredible, which allows us to achieve what the masses think is impossible”. I love this. Mindset is everything and we are in charge of our lives.

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