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The Only Way is Right Through, with Gratitude

I recently got divorced. It took a lot of energy to deal with the changes that came with separating. My ex and I were together for 8 years and, however dysfunctional we have become, our life together also had many positives. I didn’t want to stay in that dynamic anymore, but I also struggled with losing him, losing us, not being a part of a couple anymore and having to re-create myself as an individual. But I am quite determined and super committed to growth and problem-solving. So for about 2.5 years I diligently studied different techniques about how to make myself better and overcome the feeling of sadness. And I’ve discovered that the only way is right through, so I embraced the sadness and cried as much as I needed and when I was done with that, I employed daily rituals to build myself back up. And I can tell you, the life on the other side can be so beautiful and rewarding. Knowing that you took yourself through something almost unimaginably difficult and finding yourself on the other end feeling so fulfilled and grateful is pure magic.

One of my favorite tools in rebuilding myself and staying on track is to nurture gratitude. I diligently write out what I’m grateful for, morning and night, and it helps me realize the abundance and blessings that I’m surrounded by. Some days I can’t stop writing and others are harder, so I have to search and push in order to find something that I am genuinely grateful for. But every day I find them and I re-live the moments that I’m grateful for, shifting my frequency to a higher vibration. Today, I’m grateful for my beautiful apartment, for the homemade chicken soup in my fridge, for my client CH, for the sunset view from my living room, for the courage and commitment to myself to cut out someone toxic, for a great phone conversation with mom yesterday. The more grateful I am, the more things I find to be grateful for. If you want to try, share below what you’re grateful for and watch it transform your day, then your week, then your life.

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