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This is the Secret to Life

This is the secret to life:

Find balance in everything you do;

And believe in yourself and your ability to create.

Don’t become a victim of yourself;

The glass is half empty, but it’s also half full.

Some aspects of your life are given to you;

Like your parents or the color of your skin;

But you are the artist that creates the meaning and the stories;

So take that painbrush,

And see the life as it is: a blank canvas;

And put your imagination to work.

You are the superstar of this movie,

The lead role, not the supporting actor,

You are the screenwright and the director,

So choose your own adventures and outcomes wisely,

The plot and the twist and the supporting actors

Are all in your hands.

Be afraid, but let the fear drive you forward;

Be aware enough to see things as they truly are,

But also dream big and strive to be the best version of yourself,

Even if you haven’t seen that version yet;

Trust that it exists and take a chance on yourself.

Be brave enough to take on challenges that are worthy of you and your life;

But honor your weakness and admit when you need help too.

And be sad and be angry and stumble and make mistakes;

But when you wipe your tears, look around yourself,

And notice the abundance of people and love and resources.

Bravely watch your parents age and help them as much as you can;

And if it makes you sad, cry on the shoulders of your friends;

And then go hug the ones who gave you life;

And carry the torch they gave you with gratitude and strength;

Because it’s your duty:

To be happy,

To create beautiful things.

Deal with what you have to deal with;

And treat yourself with compassion;

And seek out people who understand you,

And let it all out.

But don’t let complaining become your trademark;

Opportunity and difficulty are two sides of the same coin;

Seize it all, with conviction that you are magnificent.

You will face tragedy and you will face loss;

But don’t worry about that too much;

Instead, worry about the thief in your mind;

The one that calls you small and tricks you into thinking that you can’t;

The one that robs you

Of the opportunities in your own life.

Don’t become a victim of yourself;

Trust that there is no challenge that you cannot overcome;

Confidently, march to the beat of your own drum.

Because you are the creator of your own story.

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