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We walk around wanting the world to treat us in a certain way

And if it doesn’t we get all bent up about it because we expect something else. And then we find all these reasons why we deserve to be treated better and how it’s not fair. And we get to be right and feel good about ourselves.

But this feeling lives in you not feeling good about yourself in general and having some limiting belief about what you deserve / don’t deserve. Instead of blaming the world, try and look at this limiting belief.

The more you look inward, the less personal it becomes what others do to you. When you can identify and change your limiting belief, you start having compassion, both for yourself and for others.

It becomes about your own commitment to yourself - have you taken care of your own needs? Have you asked for what you need in a loving way?

Are they really out to get you? Could it be that they operate the way they do - not because they think that you are not worthy or valuable - but because of some other reason that lies within themselves?

When you develop compassion for them, so much more becomes possible. All of a sudden, you can see the situation from their perspective and it becomes a lot less personal. And then your job becomes to keep yourself in your highest vibration and freely choose whether you want to engage or not.

It was never their job to treat us in any way. But it is our job to set our own boundaries, notice whether our needs are met or not, not take rejection personally, but kindly walk away and find those people and situations that do have the capacity to treat us as we desire.

Don’t get mad. Don’t blame. Take care of your inner child properly, and you will never hold it against another that they didn’t.

The key to your happiness is, and always has been, inside of you.

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