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What are YOU dreaming about?

I dreamt about an American passport. About moving freely in the world. About making sure my parents have a home. About making six figures a year while doing work that feels meaningful. About spending the winter on the beach. About being happy in a loving relationship.

And they were all dreams until I found ways to make them reality, by going inside and being honest with myself about the role

I play in my own life.

Your dreams or lack thereof are not the problem.

The problem is that you have hidden beliefs that you don’t question. Unquestioned beliefs will cost you peace of mind, love and success. They will have you repeating the same frustrating patterns and run around in circles, wanting different results but always falling short.

Notice where your past is getting in the way of loving someone right, of doing work that you love, of creating wonderful experiences, of climbing that mountaintop. The hike up may be uncomfortable, but the view is worth millions.

I can teach you how to reach that top.

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