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What to do when he stops texting

Some of my single girlfriends are absolutely gorgeous and amazing human beings - kind, smart, witty, caring - and yet their self-image is so skewed that they don’t notice their own beauty and strengths.

As a consequence of this, they fall for random guys who don’t really see them for who they are and treat them badly. And sometimes, my beautiful friends let this happen. This post is for those friends and others who can relate.

When he stops texting, here’s what you do:

Actually, here’s what you DON’T do:

Don’t freak out and start texting him yourself. Don’t inquire what’s going on, don’t make jokes about him not texting you. Don’t spend hours browsing through their social media, don’t replay your last encounter over and over in your head, looking for what you could have done differently.

This would only stress you out AND push him away.

And here’s the thing. Unless a man specifically tells or shows you that he is committed to you, he usually don’t take whatever is going on between you too seriously.

So if you now run after him when he goes silent, you’re sending the message that you’re overly invested (you most definitely shouldn’t be) and a little bit desperate. When you act this way, you don’t inspire any man to step up and be the best version of himself in order to be with you.

Here’s what you do instead:

Get busy living your life. Hit up friends, immerse yourself in a project that inspires you, exercise, meditate. Get your self-image up so that it matches who you are. Discover limiting beliefs, exchange them for empowering ones. Treat yourself to therapy. Talk to a friend that sees you for the superstar that you are.

You deserve someone who is interested in you, who steps up for you, who wants to spend time with you and who can see your true worth, even when you can’t. Especially when you can’t.

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