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When I was getting divorced

When I was getting divorced, I was lucky enough to have a friend. He listened to me, gave me good advice, made fun of me when I got too serious, comforted me when I cried - even though this is really hard for him sometimes. He flew down to Florida to drive me and a truck full of my belongings back to New York, even though his shoulder was dislocated.

I had quickly and haphazardly found a room to rent in Park Slope in what seemed to be a workable setting, but it turned out to be anything but, so on top of going through the pain of the divorce, I was depressed over my living conditions and couldn’t muster the strength and courage to find another place to live. He would call me daily and made it his mission to get out of the house where I would lie in bed in the dark for hours after I’d wake up. I loved that. I would often cry just seeing his name on the phone screen, so touched by his constant attention and care. When I resisted, he would insist. He would come and pick me up on a scooter. Sitting behind him on it, driving through Brooklyn, I felt taken care of, loved, safe, happy.

At the same time, things were getting worse in the apartment where I lived. One of my roommates was mentally instable, becoming quite hostile with me because I was avoiding her. I returned from my Burning Man trip to find my stuff thrown all around the kitchen. After this incident, Metar decided that enough was enough and he insisted that I move in with him “until I figure it out”. I slept in a small area next to the living room, but he would often give me his room and sleep on the couch. He saved me so many times.

Getting divorced was one of the most painful things in my life. He was the bright spot in the dark universe that I lived in for about two years. And when he moved to Brazil, he gave me more gifts through the people he connected me with. My current amazing roommate was originally his friend; I met my beloved Brazilian tribe through his friend Karina; I am starting a phenomenal business accelerating coaching program because of his friend Courtney; I’m streaming a live show to promote my coaching business through his friend Max.

What you think of as an ending can actually be the most beautiful beginning of a new chapter. When you take a chance on leaving something that doesn’t work for you, however afraid or uncomfortable you are, the universe will help you by bringing you all the right people and the right opportunities. The helpers and the teacher will appear. And all that you have to do is stay present, believe in yourself and keep taking the next small step.

Today, I am beyond grateful for my beautifully complicated past that led me here and I love to inspire others on their way to self-realization and fulfillment. I work with women all over the world who are divorced, recently single or almost single, who struggle with finding themselves. I know firsthand what that is like: to not be happy where you are, but terrified to make a change. To think that you don’t deserve better. To not know what the next step is.

If you think that I can help you reach the next level in your life, schedule a complimentary introduction call with me. Let me help you find your joy again.

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